Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pros and Cons: Biola

Pros and Cons:  Biola

Definition:-noun (Bi-ole-uh)  Bible Institution of Los Angeles.  Located at 36.802534 Long., -120.019025 Lat.

Freshmen Definition:  Probably your back up plan for a Christian University in Southern California.

-Voted by US News as one of the 20th best colleges for 2009.
-If you didn't fit in at High School, welcome. 
-If you didn't attend an organized school at all and had your mother teach you, welcome.
-The pressure of being athletic is not enforced.
-No such thing as ALPHA for freshmen.

-Being in the shadow of APU at all times.
-The Cougar Walk is not an eatery choice for you at lunch.


Taylor said... sucks.

Lil CJ said...

Its in your family blood taylor.

Alexis said...

Funniest shit yet.