Monday, November 3, 2008

Major Accident / Traffic Jam on the Coug

Five minutes ago, a major accident was witnessed upon the coug. 
An unidentified young male was spotted shredding the gnar on his skate. He came onto the coug and ricocheted off the table, and therefore drawing all attention to him. The victim did not seem to notice a ginormous cable in the way, which he collided with. 

The board stopped, but he did not.

The young male was cleared for flight, and lifted off. Gravity then took hold of the man, and he abruptly started to lose altitude. He was then rudely halted by Mother Earth.

He was uninjured, and was immediately treated by the Coug's on staff and on call physician, Dr. Phil (aka Peter).

The suspect then quickly collected himself and bonzed away to avoid the limelight of being "that guy."

Dramatization and re-enactment will be posted soon.

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