Wednesday, November 19, 2008

APU the new Middle Earth?

Weird you say? Could it be that the Azusa you know has a deep, dark past? 
Well rumors have been floating around campus that acclaimed author and bad ass JRR Tolkien drew much inspiration for his famous trilogy, Lord of the Rings, from our very own APU campus.  Although the cover was almost blown in the 70's when the "Shire" modulars were erected in his honor, it has remained one of Azusa's best kept secrets until now.  
Funny thing though is that the residence of the Mods tend to fit the physique of a rather smaller, slightly fuzzier being.  The grass is a little bit greener over there, people enjoy the occasional pipe smoke, and long curly hair is must for residents (contact Tylers for more on that)
More will come with the uprising of the story, but currently we are investigating the  correlation between the prayer tower on west and the tower of Isengard.  More to follow.


Satisfied Customer said...

O.k. this post is hilarious. Well done.

stang of the stable said...

This is going to have a profound effect on my college decision.

tylerprieb said...

hahahahaha. I think the mountains of Mordor is actually Azusa canyon, right?

mai-tai said...

Three pillars for the many students under the sky
One for community in residential housing
One for scholarship and books and class
One for service and the hours to prove it

One pillar to rule them all, one pillar to find them, one pillar to bring them all and on west campus bind them in the land of APU where Christ resides