Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Emergency Information Request

Today the board of the coug reviewed a series of recent suspicious incidents. Including but not limited too: 

Bee hive found on the coug premises
Rainstorm occurring close to coug operation hours 
Electrical malfunction on the coug
Runny beans

 After review of the facts the board of the coug believe that there may be a spy in our midst. Possible suspects include:

Taco Bell
Taco King
Jon Wallace
Various Den Dwellers
A rival organization know as the "Cornerstone Cuties" 
The State of California

Please report any suspicious activity to us immediately. Suspicious activity could include, but is not limited too:

Rain dances
People wearing Bee suits
People carrying firearms 
People looking suspicious 

Any information leading to a cougviction will be rewarded by 27 virgin quesadillas after death. 

1 comment:

paradigmrules said...

what about bees wearing people suits?