Thursday, November 6, 2008


As many of you may have heard three Military Choppers touched down on our own Cougar Field approximately 12:51 pm pacific standard time.

This story starts on West when three choppers were spotted circling low over campus, radio contact reported saying "Chopper 1 asked for permission to buzz the bell tower on west, while 2 and 3 went ahead and did it anyways."  After three fly-bys the helis proceeded to East to land on the field (photo below courtesy Cusack.)

CJ, Leighton and myself continued coverage by sprinting over to the field to capture this grand moment first hand.  On a side note rumors that CJ is the fastest person "he" knows are true.

After arriving we over heard some jargon on the field including some 'Full Birds' yelling at the 'Grunts' saying "Get to work boys all I want to see are assholes and elbows!"

Could this have possibly been the Greatest Day on the Coug to date?  You be the judge.

There is no need for panic though, they are only here to take part in a Dog and Pony show (as an early Veterans Day Celebration).

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