Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wok on the Walk

This is Peter, Archbishop of the Coug, here to give you an update on the coug walk. 

Currently patrollin the walk is myself, Taylor Storey; quality control for the coug, Bretow; Footsoldier and Enforcer of the Coug, CEEJ Eckman; Secretary of Defense of the coug, and Christy Peters.

Taylor just waved to some random babe who waved back. 
 We are mackin on down on some good californian-fusion chinese food, more appropriately, WOK on the Walk.

Myself and Greg Christian, head border patrol of the coug, are gonna be starting a radio show, called Coug Talk on late night, tune in, its gonna be killer.

Comment if you're in for wednesday GUAC on the Walk also known as three rolled TAC on the walk.

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